Alliance for a Responsible Business Zone


My name is Norbert Bollow. I'm a business coach in the greater Zurich area of Switzerland.

While I agree that symbolic acts like this year's climate change demonstration (in which I participated) can be important, I think that the most urgent course of action right now is to create a Responsible Business Zone, i.e. a subsystem of the economy consisting of businesses that act responsibly at the very least in regard to the concerns about limiting greenhouse gases, opposing surveillance capitalism and reducing poverty through sustainable development.

To this aim I envision creating an alliance consisting of professionals, civil society organizations and businesses.

This alliance will develop appropriate standards of conduct for the businesses that participate in the Responsible Business Zone. Larger businesses can be expected to implement more stringent commitments both in regard to substantive actions and in regard to certification processes.

One of the commitments will be to prefer buying from businesses that are themselves part of the Responsible Business Zone for all procurement needs, whenever that is reasonably possible.

The purpose of this commitment is to create a strong enough business incentive for other businesses to also join the Responsible Business Zone even if they are too strongly profit-oriented to take appropriate actions beyond what is required by law or motivated by business reasons.

Ideally the requirements for participation in the Responsible Business Zone should eventually be required by law of all businesses in all countries. Then all law-abiding businesses will be part of the Responsible Business Zone.

But let's do what we can already now without waiting for the politicians to pass sufficiently strict laws to protect our future!

As a first step, please give me some initial feedback on this idea by participating in a very short survey (which has only five questions and which fully respects and protects the privacy of respondents).

Warm greetings,